Vial Washer/Depyrogentaion Tunnel Control System Upgrade

Converted a PLC-5 based control system utilizing serial and Remote I/O networks to a ControlLogix based control system utilizing only an Ethernet network. New control system included two 17-slot I/O chassis, one local and one distributed, and distributed ArmorBlock I/O modules. Work included the following: complete hardware conversion of 400+ I/O points to new I/O modules (lifted and re-landed), complete rewrite of entire PLC logic using AOIs developed by ACE Technologies specifically for discrete process control within the pharmaceutical environment, migration of PID control from external single loop controllers into the PLC logic, and the migration of HMI screens from a local PanelView to an existing integrated building HMI application using FactoryTalk View SE.
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Process: Discrete
Hardware: Allen-Bradley ControlLogix
Software: Studio 5000, FactoryTalk View SE

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