Plunger Height Measurement Systems

Designed, built, and integrated custom semi-automated device plunger depth measurement systems. With various device fixtures available, this system has the capability of measuring different aspects of a device, including but not limited to, distance between device flange and plunger (plunger depth), and distance between plunger and filled product (air gap). Two models have been developed (PLC based, or Production unit, and computer based, or Development unit), but each can be customized for unique applications.

The Production unit includes a tub fixture and barcode reader to associate all measurements with a specific tub number, a local vision system display, and an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC to buffer data and perform analytical calculations on data collected for each tub.

The Development unit is compact in size and utilizes a Windows-based computer to collect measurement data for open-source data analysis rather than a PLC. A local vision system display can be added to the Development unit if data collection and analysis with a PC is not always required.

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Process: Discrete
Hardware: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems, Cognex Barcode Reader
Software: Allen-Bradley FactoryTalk View SE, In-Sight Explorer, In-Sight OPC Server, Microsoft Excel

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